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Tips to Prepare Your Family for Travel Abroad


If you and your family are traveling out the country for the first time, you most certainly have questions. This is understandable, but there is no need to fear. Below are some general guidelines for novice travelers seeking to leave the country for the first time:

travel abroad


Once you know your destination, begin acquiring the proper documentation. Each country differs on their rules and regulations regarding what they expect for entrance into their country. However, the most basic form of required documentation is a passport. Check online for the closest available location for obtaining a passport. Keep in mind, every U.S. citizen needs a passport when traveling out of the country. Procuring a passport is a long arduous process, so make sure you give yourself enough time.

Make sure your shots are up-to-date

Just as each country has different documentation regulations, they also each have differing immunization recommendations. Find out what the recommended shots are for your chosen destination. Even though the shots are expensive, if they prevent you or your family from becoming ill while on vacation, they are well worth the added expense.

Take a credit card

Be sure to take along a credit card when you leave the country. Due to currency discrepancies and the risk of losing paper money or travelers checks, it is always a good idea to have a credit card with you just in case.

Teach children the cultural expectations

In other countries, the simplest of gestures can result in hurt feelings. This is because what seems like nothing to us can seem disrespectful to people in other countries. Before leaving home, research the cultural expectations of your destination, and make sure you and your children are well versed in putting them into practice.

Take along adapters

If you use an electric razor, blow dryer or other hair styling appliance, take along the proper adapter. Finding an adapter once you arrive is usually impossible. To remedy the problem, plan ahead and purchase the proper adapter to make your small appliances work.

Learn some of the language

Obviously, becoming fluent in a foreign language is not something you can do overnight. However, it is a good idea to know some key phases when traveling abroad. For example, “where is the bathroom?” is a good phrase to know how to say. Children will love learning words and simple phrases in another language. Make it a family challenge to learn as much of the language as possible before your trip.

The above tips will assure your family is ready for their first trip abroad.

Eric Blair writes about traveling internationally and locally with the proper documentation from Travel Docs to avoid any delays and headaches while traveling.

December 6, 2012 |

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