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The Resort Cleaning Checklist Lets you Know What to Expect from a Resort Cleaning Service


As summer, by far the busiest tourist season, thunders on for casinos, timeshares, country clubs and all other resorts, many businesses may begin to worry about their resort’s ability to keep up with the many guests coming and going every day. Perhaps the current housekeeping staff cannot manage the influx of residents. Maybe the cleaning personnel cannot handle the variety of accidents and requirements that come with extra guest traffic. In any case, choosing to invest in an outside commercial cleaning service could be the answer to all your difficulties.

resort cleaning

Resort cleaning services are flexible enough, and specially trained, to attend to the variety of attractions, amenities, and services resorts offer guests. These can vary widely depending on the facility, but a general list of the resort spaces that fall under the responsibility of a cleaning service include:

  • Guest Rooms and Suites
  • Lobbies and Common Areas
  • Fitness Centers
  • On-site Eateries
  • Public and Guest Restrooms
  • Event and Meeting Rooms
  • Patios
  • Bars
  • Hallways
  • Spas and Salons
  • Convenience Stores

The quality maintenance of these areas not only ensures satisfaction amongst your guests, it also encourages employees to take pride in their work and workplace while creating an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for all. This is why it’s important to investigate possible cleaning companies and the exact services they provide.

The cleaning service your resort chooses to employ should have the resources and know-how to address all the areas of your resort and their individual cleaning requirements including:

  • The breakdown, cleaning and reassembly of all kitchen and room appliances
  • Floor maintenance for wood, carpet, tile and concrete surfaces
  • Tidying and washing of guest and resort linens
  • Dusting and washing of all surfaces such as windows and sills, wood, TV and computer screens
  • Cleaning and changing of lights, light fixtures and fans
  • Balcony and patio maintenance, including patio furniture
  • Restroom and Salon sanitation
  • Cleaning of furniture, drapery and decorative items
  • Waste management in all areas of the resort, including hallways
  • Hygienic disinfection of work-out equipment

Though this may seem like a lot to ask for in one company, truly professional resort cleaning companies will attend to all of these aspects of your resort, as well as others that are particular to your unique facility. With the help of a resort cleaning service, this could be your resort’s most successful summer yet!

Your resort is in the business of providing guests with a relaxing and unforgettably incredible vacation experience. From the golf course, to the pool and the distinct, pleasure-oriented atmosphere, your facility does all it can to accommodate and attend to the needs and desires of your guests. The commercial cleaning service that works in your resort should, likewise, attend to all of your staff’s needs so they can focus their attention exclusively on providing guests with the best stay possible. This resort cleaning checklist should not only help you to identify the areas of your resort that need attention; it should also assist you in finding a skilled and focused  professional cleaning service that will help your resort achieve its greatest potential.

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