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Top 5 Places You Shouldn’t Miss This Christmas


Everybody should visit London this Christmas. The actual city is such a great place to be during the holidays and this is because you can just tell that Christmas is in the air. Simply walking down the streets of London will have anybody in the Christmas spirit.


London Christmas Markets

Not only can a person walk around the streets of London and gawk at all the decorations, but there are also Christmas Markets in London, and everybody should visit these markets at least once this Xmas. People will find all types of awesome Christmas stuff at these markets.

London’s West End for Christmas Lights

London’s West End is home to the famous London Christmas lights, and the West End is where the London’s Christmas lights can be found. The lights there are amazing to look at and a person can spend hours just walking the streets of the West End. If you are a fan of amazing beauty and Christmas lights, then London’s West End is one of the first places you should visit this Xmas.

New York City

If people are able to, then they need to visit NYC this Christmas. There is no other destination like the Big Apple, especially around Christmas time. People can visit the world famous Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Centre or pay a visit to Central Park where it is always decorated with amazing lights. People can also take in a Broadway Christmas show while they are in the city. There are many different things to see and do in NYC, but there is even more to see and do around Christmas time.


Colorado is another place in America that people should visit this Christmas. There are many things to do in the great state of Colorado, but nothing compares to skiing. Taking a ski holiday to Colorado around Christmas time will impress anyone, because most cabins and resorts get into the Xmas spirit and people can tell that there is an amazing Xmas vibe around them.

These places are amazing during the time of Christmas with all the lights and decorations. You can even witness White Christmas in London. So this season, ensure that you take a trip to the above-mentioned places with your family and friends and experience a magical Christmas.

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