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How to Choose The Right Phone System for Your Restaurant


The way we communicate has come a long way in the last decade. For this reason, many companies are finding that their technology is quickly becoming outdated at a rapid pace. This often gets overwhelming and stressful because it can be difficult to keep up. When is the right time to make the upgrade?

The truth is, you never really know when the latest and greatest technology is going to appear. Therefore, it is no use waiting around to see if something better will come along. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that something better definitely will come along. However, if you’re feeling that your technology is outdated, it’s time to take the plunge and open up that pocket book.

One of the easiest things to upgrade is your business phone system. There are only a few choices, and even the most technologically challenged business owners can understand the differences between each. Consider the four different types of phone systems below:


Which Phone System is Worth Your Money?

  1. Key-less Systems – This is probably the best choice for restaurants with less than ten employees. You do not need to install a central control system in your office, making moving locations very simple. You can move the entire system with you with no hassle. It’s low cost, but can only support about 2-4 phone lines. This is why this system typically works best for smaller establishments.
  2. Key Systems – This system is supported by a central system unit and can be upgraded with a few unique features. However, this system is considered pretty basic. It is easy to use and has the ability to grow with a restaurant. In general, this system is recommended for companies with up to around 40 employees.
  3. PBX Systems – PBX stands for “private branch exchange” and is a great system for large restaurants (more than 40 employees). The system offers many advanced features. For example, it is easy to connect the system to a pre-existing phone system so you do not have to start over when it comes to your contacts or your phone lines. The only downside: It’s one of the most expensive systems. However, if you have a large company and plan to be there for a while, it is well worth the money.
  4. VoIP – VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, systems are my personal favorite. I think that this type of phone system is the phone system of the future, so hopefully it will be around for some time. It uses an Internet connection as opposed to a phone line to make calls, it is very inexpensive (great for long distance calls), and works well for any size company.

If you’re nervous about making changes to your restaurant, a new phone system is the place to start. There are really only four options, so it makes it easy for someone to upgrade without feeling too overwhelmed. Once you consider the needs of your company, I think you will find that there is a phone system just for you—and all you need are just four choices.

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December 7, 2012 |

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