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When one thinks about the travel destinations, the first idea flits in the mind is Europe. As it is expensive, however it is full of history, incredible culture, beautiful landscapes and fabulous architecture. It is a good idea to travel in cheap flights; however the accommodation, food and transport shake the budget quickly. Though Europe is very expensive, however there are many ways to save money and make the journey enjoyable irrespective of thinking about the expenses. Below are some tips to travel in Europe:

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It is prevalent that it will be too expensive to stay in hotels. This myth is absolutely incorrect. If you want to save money and visit Europe within the budget, it is then best way to stay in Hotels. It provides Hostel options as well for all types of travelers. There are dorms available, which are shared. The dorms are shared with in 4-10 people along with one shared bathroom. Usually, it depends upon the size of the room. It is available in cheaper price.

Hotels also offer last minute deal, in case they have plenty of rooms available. They may provide you handsome discount. They often run a combo campaign for certain period. Therefore, choosing the right time to visit Europe may make your trip memorable.


It is also one of the wonderful and cheaper options. There are ample convenient camp grounds available in major cities. The camps provide you excellent facilities like bathrooms, kitchen and shuttle buses which takes you to the nearest towns.


If you have a plan to stay for long in a city, then you are advised to hire an apartment for few weeks. It will be much cheaper than the hotels option. If you are alone, then it is good to share the rented apartment which will help you to save your money.


If you have opted any of the above option, you will then be provided kitchen facility wherein you can cook your own instead of having in a restaurant. There is no need to tighten your hand for the all the meals. You may do this practice for one meal at least.

Eat local

You will need to find out that where the locals are preferring to have. Don’t prefer to go where the tourists eat. Attracting tourists’ restaurants may give you hefty bill. Therefore, take advice from any locals.

Street Food/take away

It is not difficult to find food carts or eateries which are located around the city. This is also one of the best ways to save the money and survive within the budget.


Train is the great way to travel around Europe. It is easily affordable. If you have devised to stay for a certain period, then it will be good to make a rail pass. There are also two supporting airlines available which has very nominal fares EasyJet and RyanAir. You may consider that as well. It entirely depends upon your budget and time. Leased cars will also give you favor and more convenience.

The thought of travelling Europe is not an expensive trip. However, you merely need to find out the appropriate ways to make it more ecstatic.

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