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Best 5 luxury hotels in Austria


Your comfort during travels is the number one priority especially if you are making leisure trips for to a renowned travel destination such as Austria. This country has a wide assortment of luxurious hotels that you can choose from to suit you accommodation needs. Some of these luxurious hotels include:


The Kristiania Lech hotel

The Kristiania Lech hotel embodies a splendid amalgamation of special alpine traditions, modern technology and a contemporary perception on living and lifestyles. You do not only get the chance of renting a room at Kristiania hotel, but also a chance to purchase your own private collection. In this hotel, you can feel the tranquillity and serenity that you have always desired. Its management is committed to your needs and you privacy is also honoured. This hotel has advantages like:

· Through the window of your room, the world seems invitingly close but at the same time stays at a comfortable distance

· The privacy of at this hotel is so practical and tangible

· The rooms to this hotel face beautiful mountains and the vista Lech

· Rooms are sophisticated with Austria décor comprising original antique and contemporary art works

· Rooms and suites combine the heist levels of modernism and comfort

· Exceptional standards of personal service

Intercontinental Vienna

The intercontinental Vienna presents itself with a fresh, stylish ambiance. This luxurious hotel presents guests with fantastic advantages like:

· 458 completely renovated rooms including 48 suites on 12 floors

· A 190 square meter spacious club lounge with an added heart stirring view of the city

· All the public areas surrounding this hotel have Wi-Fi hot spots

· All rooms and suites are fitted with state of the art technology for example flat screens and high speed internet access

· Private check-in and check-out

· Soft drinks and snacks available throughout the day, cocktail hour and a luxurious conference room for social and business meetings which can accommodate from ten to eight hundred guests


ThurnhersAlpenhof is also one of the luxurious Austria hotel situated in Zurs. It has been given a very exclusive approach to a true winter sport hotel. Through many years, it has offered its guests with international standard luxury and hospitality. The exceptional recreation features present in this hotel include:

· An indoor swimming pool with contra-flow

· Steam bath

· Solarium

· Fitness corner

· And table tennis

The hotel has its own sport trainers and activity trainers that train on various sports like skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and heli-skiing. Massages, cosmetic treatments, swimming courses, yoga and water gymnastics services are also offered at this hotel.

Hotel Sacher Salzburg

Hotel Sacher Salzburg is a luxurious Austria hotel that is situated on the quiet Salzach promenade. It is the city’s grand hotel and offers an impressive view of Hohensalzburg fortress. It hosts different guests like aristocrats, scientist, poets and artists.

It is famous because:

· It has 113 aesthetical rooms with an elegant historical touch

· The hotel offers different categories of all the amenities that they provide. This ensures accommodation of all classes

· The hotel offers a special experience for both dining (Gourmet Restaurant) and drinking (Sacher Bar)

Le Meridien Vienna

Le Meridien Vienna is also another excellent luxurious Austria hotel that is situated on the famous Ringstrasse only a stroll away from the Vienna State Opera and imperial Hofburg Place. All the shopping areas adjacent to this hotel are just but a walking distance away to ease you shopping activities.

Other added advantages of this hotel include: 

· Perfect connection with transport for example through the nearby Vienna international Airport

· 294 Art tech guest rooms full equipped with high speed internet access

· Specially designed beds from Ligne Rose and 39 cm mattresses from Sealy

· Body jets and glass screen in bathrooms

· Minimalist cutler free feel distinguished room concept steel, frosted or etched glasses

With all these features and comfort efforts placed in these luxurious Austria hotels, you may want to enjoy not just the stay in the hotels but also the thrill of driving yourself from one hotel to the next. To do this you need to have a provisional driving licence that is valid for the period you will be in Austria.

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Costa Rica Welcomes You!


Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Mountain ranges, covered with dense forests, volcanoes with purest lakes in their craters, silver sand beaches, waterfalls, fishing villages and coffee plantations in the valleys. Only here, in Costa Rica, you can feel magic and tremendous energy of the wilderness.

Tourists have an enormous choice of places for having wonderful rest. Costa Rica is rich in hotels for all tastes.

Local hotels can be divided into 4 categories: extremely expensive (starting from $200), expensive ($125-$200), average prices ($60-$125), cheap (less than $60). The prices given here are for a double room and do not include taxes (13%). Obviously, the price depends on the size of the room, design, service, though, any hotel in this country includes everything a tourist may need in the trip. In the majority of hotels you can easily pay with a credit card. Traditionally, tips for staff will not exceed 500 Costa Rican colons (approximately $1).

costa rica

You will find hotels of different class here, you will definitely find the best option. Both cozy boutique hotels and international chain hotels offer their services. In the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, 5 star hotels with excellent service prevail.

One of the most famous capital hotels is Costa Rica Marriott Hotel. The hotel resembles a traditional hacienda, located on the green coffee plantation. Halls are decorated with antiques brought from different parts of Central America. Marriot Hotel has a well-developed infrastructure (a wide range of restaurants, entertaining affairs, shops). It is situated in just 5-minute drive from the international airport and 15-minute drive from the center of San Jose.

Marriott Hotel contains 244 rooms, including 6 Master Suites and 1 Presidential Suite. Each room includes: air conditioner, cable TV, telephone, minibar, safe, bathroom with bathrobes and hairdryer, iron and ironing board, private zone for having a rest, continental breakfast, shoes cleaning. At the territory of the hotel you will find two open swimming pools, Jacuzzi, 3 tennis courts, souvenir shop, golf ground, 15 conference rooms, restaurants and bars with local and international cuisine, parking, beauty salon and SPA-center. This hotel is created for those who are fond of luxurious rest.

For tourists who prefer unusual places Costa Rica offers unique hotels such as those specializing in treatment of various diseases, located in the jungles or close to waterfalls.

Though, probably the most unique hotel of that kind is Costa Verde Resort, situate in the jungles, not far from San Jose. The hotel itself is located in…Boeing 727 crashed here in 1965.

The plane itself stands on a platform at a height of 49 feet. Two bedrooms equipped with air conditions, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a dining room are built in the former fuselage. The walls are made of wood, the furniture is hand carved. And the balcony located on the wing of the plane shows a spectacular view on the Manuel Antonio National Park. Costa Verde Resort even has a swimming pool on the platform. The hotel also has a bar-restaurant El Avion made in a cargo plane Fairchild C-123. If you want to stay in this original hotel, you will have to pay $452 per day.

Two hotels mentioned above are quite different, one represents a traditional luxurious hotel in the center of the city, another one offers an unusual service in the crashed plane. But Costa Rican hotels are not limited to these two choices. Come to this beautiful country and be ready to be surprised every day!

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The Resort Cleaning Checklist Lets you Know What to Expect from a Resort Cleaning Service


As summer, by far the busiest tourist season, thunders on for casinos, timeshares, country clubs and all other resorts, many businesses may begin to worry about their resort’s ability to keep up with the many guests coming and going every day. Perhaps the current housekeeping staff cannot manage the influx of residents. Maybe the cleaning personnel cannot handle the variety of accidents and requirements that come with extra guest traffic. In any case, choosing to invest in an outside commercial cleaning service could be the answer to all your difficulties.

resort cleaning

Resort cleaning services are flexible enough, and specially trained, to attend to the variety of attractions, amenities, and services resorts offer guests. These can vary widely depending on the facility, but a general list of the resort spaces that fall under the responsibility of a cleaning service include:

  • Guest Rooms and Suites
  • Lobbies and Common Areas
  • Fitness Centers
  • On-site Eateries
  • Public and Guest Restrooms
  • Event and Meeting Rooms
  • Patios
  • Bars
  • Hallways
  • Spas and Salons
  • Convenience Stores

The quality maintenance of these areas not only ensures satisfaction amongst your guests, it also encourages employees to take pride in their work and workplace while creating an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for all. This is why it’s important to investigate possible cleaning companies and the exact services they provide.

The cleaning service your resort chooses to employ should have the resources and know-how to address all the areas of your resort and their individual cleaning requirements including:

  • The breakdown, cleaning and reassembly of all kitchen and room appliances
  • Floor maintenance for wood, carpet, tile and concrete surfaces
  • Tidying and washing of guest and resort linens
  • Dusting and washing of all surfaces such as windows and sills, wood, TV and computer screens
  • Cleaning and changing of lights, light fixtures and fans
  • Balcony and patio maintenance, including patio furniture
  • Restroom and Salon sanitation
  • Cleaning of furniture, drapery and decorative items
  • Waste management in all areas of the resort, including hallways
  • Hygienic disinfection of work-out equipment

Though this may seem like a lot to ask for in one company, truly professional resort cleaning companies will attend to all of these aspects of your resort, as well as others that are particular to your unique facility. With the help of a resort cleaning service, this could be your resort’s most successful summer yet!

Your resort is in the business of providing guests with a relaxing and unforgettably incredible vacation experience. From the golf course, to the pool and the distinct, pleasure-oriented atmosphere, your facility does all it can to accommodate and attend to the needs and desires of your guests. The commercial cleaning service that works in your resort should, likewise, attend to all of your staff’s needs so they can focus their attention exclusively on providing guests with the best stay possible. This resort cleaning checklist should not only help you to identify the areas of your resort that need attention; it should also assist you in finding a skilled and focused  professional cleaning service that will help your resort achieve its greatest potential.

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Best Time to Book Gurgaon to Shimla Taxi Services


Situated elegantly on the foothills of the Himalayan ranges, Shimla is a gorgeous hill station that thrilled me with its extreme weather conditions. Being located at a height of around 2213 meters above sea level, this hill station has always been my much preferred destination in the summer months.

The high altitude offers Shimla the most assorted weather throughout the year which saved me from the scorching summer heat. Many time travelers look for best time to visit Shimla. However, the truth is that this hill station can be visited during all the months of the year which again increases its popularity. The article educates about some of the best months to visit Shimla that can add seven stars to your holiday experience.


Though Shimla features an enjoyable climate all year round, the winter months of this hill station are the most popular ones. During the winter season, the temperatures here even drop down to sub-zero conditions which let the vacationers relish the charms of snowfall. The best time to visit Shimla is considered to be the months from October to November and from March to May.

The travel experts advise travelers to avoid visiting Shimla during the monsoon months as the hill station experiences landslides at times. The roads during the monsoons become very slippery which can hinder the chances of outdoor activities for the visitors.

Travelers may also visit Shimla during the winter months. The hill station experiences very heavy snowfall. Visiting here in the month of December during Christmas and New Year is an additional treat that no vacationer ever misses out. So book your Gurgaon to Shimla taxi services accordingly on your next holiday so as to relish the best of this splendid location.

Amar Sharma is a traveler who loves to share his experiences. All the articles published by his will help you understand India better and answer all your queries regarding with Gurgaon to Shimla Taxi and much more.

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Europe Budget Travel Tips


When one thinks about the travel destinations, the first idea flits in the mind is Europe. As it is expensive, however it is full of history, incredible culture, beautiful landscapes and fabulous architecture. It is a good idea to travel in cheap flights; however the accommodation, food and transport shake the budget quickly. Though Europe is very expensive, however there are many ways to save money and make the journey enjoyable irrespective of thinking about the expenses. Below are some tips to travel in Europe:

europe travel (more…)

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Top 5 Places You Shouldn’t Miss This Christmas


Everybody should visit London this Christmas. The actual city is such a great place to be during the holidays and this is because you can just tell that Christmas is in the air. Simply walking down the streets of London will have anybody in the Christmas spirit.

london (more…)

January 7, 2013 |

How to Choose The Right Phone System for Your Restaurant


The way we communicate has come a long way in the last decade. For this reason, many companies are finding that their technology is quickly becoming outdated at a rapid pace. This often gets overwhelming and stressful because it can be difficult to keep up. When is the right time to make the upgrade?

The truth is, you never really know when the latest and greatest technology is going to appear. Therefore, it is no use waiting around to see if something better will come along. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that something better definitely will come along. However, if you’re feeling that your technology is outdated, it’s time to take the plunge and open up that pocket book.

One of the easiest things to upgrade is your business phone system. There are only a few choices, and even the most technologically challenged business owners can understand the differences between each. Consider the four different types of phone systems below:

Restaurant (more…)

December 7, 2012 |

Tips to Prepare Your Family for Travel Abroad


If you and your family are traveling out the country for the first time, you most certainly have questions. This is understandable, but there is no need to fear. Below are some general guidelines for novice travelers seeking to leave the country for the first time:

travel abroad


Once you know your destination, begin acquiring the proper documentation. Each country differs on their rules and regulations regarding what they expect for entrance into their country. However, the most basic form of required documentation is a passport. Check online for the closest available location for obtaining a passport. Keep in mind, every U.S. citizen needs a passport when traveling out of the country. Procuring a passport is a long arduous process, so make sure you give yourself enough time.

Make sure your shots are up-to-date

Just as each country has different documentation regulations, they also each have differing immunization recommendations. Find out what the recommended shots are for your chosen destination. Even though the shots are expensive, if they prevent you or your family from becoming ill while on vacation, they are well worth the added expense.

Take a credit card

Be sure to take along a credit card when you leave the country. Due to currency discrepancies and the risk of losing paper money or travelers checks, it is always a good idea to have a credit card with you just in case.

Teach children the cultural expectations

In other countries, the simplest of gestures can result in hurt feelings. This is because what seems like nothing to us can seem disrespectful to people in other countries. Before leaving home, research the cultural expectations of your destination, and make sure you and your children are well versed in putting them into practice.

Take along adapters

If you use an electric razor, blow dryer or other hair styling appliance, take along the proper adapter. Finding an adapter once you arrive is usually impossible. To remedy the problem, plan ahead and purchase the proper adapter to make your small appliances work.

Learn some of the language

Obviously, becoming fluent in a foreign language is not something you can do overnight. However, it is a good idea to know some key phases when traveling abroad. For example, “where is the bathroom?” is a good phrase to know how to say. Children will love learning words and simple phrases in another language. Make it a family challenge to learn as much of the language as possible before your trip.

The above tips will assure your family is ready for their first trip abroad.

Eric Blair writes about traveling internationally and locally with the proper documentation from Travel Docs to avoid any delays and headaches while traveling.

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Leisure time is offered at hotels of Weifang


Imagine a situation: you decided to travel around the world and chosen a nice and calm place in Weifang, Eastern China. Where will you stay overnights? What conditions are offered there? Are you actually ready to totally change your routine life and stick to Chinese traditions for a while? If so, the given article is aimed to introduce you, dear readers, with the most popular hotels of Weifang.

Farrington Business Hotel

The Farrington Hotel (more…)

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